Thursday, 24 July 2008

Internet Safety for children

These are some excellent sites for parents and teachers interested in teaching their children how to keep themselves safe online.

The Hector's World Safety Button provides a safety strategy which children can use if something on-screen upsets or worries them. It is a free download and a small file. Your child can just click on Hector who then covers the screen with a soothing underwater scene and gives the child a positive message for clicking on the Hector Button, and encourages them to get adult help.

I highly recommend put this on all school and home computers, but remember children must be taught how to used it and when.

Hector's World™ presents animation that feature residents of the undersea community of Silicon Deep. Children watch the characters as they learn how to stay safe online.

Help for Young People
The NetSafe website has a section for young people which has information on what to do about cyberbullying (including txt).