Monday, 6 July 2009

Students Assessing the Teacher

As a beginning teacher I am very aware that being an effective teacher requires constant self evaluation.

I first encountered how a teacher used Google Forms to assess his students view of his teaching, when reading the blog belonging to Larry Ferlazzo; Results From Student Evaluation Of My Class And Me. This inspired me to try it out with my own class at the end of term 2.

It is a scary prospect allowing your students to openly tell you how they feel about your class and your teaching. Still it was an eye-opening experience that has given me some
insight into my students view of my teaching and how I can improve myself.

It was an optional assessment that only 73% of my students completed. It shows they seem to enjoy my class and feel they are learning although not giving 100% effort, so I should raise my expectations.

I was concerned that 37% of my students felt I was not concerned with what was happening in their life. It tells me I need to ensure I spend more quality individual time with all students, especially those ones who hide in the corners!

The results show I need to be more patient, and use a softer voice. Although I suspect some of my students understanding 'patient' and my view my be slightly different. I do believe I must try using a more positive approach in my everyday teaching.

I have not had much art this term because 80% of my class is at kapa haka or choir for an hour every week, which takes up my arts time. My students obviously miss art, as do I, but finding time to squeeze it into our busy timetable is hard. I will be making a big effort next term to teach art by integrating it into other subject areas.

Some further student comments:

What could you (the student) have done to make this class a better learning experience?

I would make the class room listen to Mr Wood to listen more so they could learn more.

I could try to work with other people in the class. I could try to work with everyone in the class .

Be more responsible.behave better. Enspire some other people. Be good share all the ideas to the class.

I think maybe its good to more art because on Friday we have Kapa Haka and some people have Choir and we should change it to a different day so we can do more art.

What could Mr. Wood have done to make this class a better learning experience?

Mr. Wood doesn't need to do anything - hes already doing enough.

Be more patient

By disciplining the people that don't listen to him most of the time.

Give us our own laptops so we don't fight for laptops

Showed us some more good learning sites.

shout at some people lesser - talk to people more softer.

Have you ever done a self-assessment of this sort before, and do you think it would help your teaching?


  1. My school did an electronic student survey for each class. The questions were a combination of questions related to the class, schoolwide initiatives, and our school mission statement. We encouraged students to provide comments. Each teacher reflected on their numeric scores and compared them to an average. In addition, we meet with the Dean of Faculty and review what we could do better. IT IS A VERY VALUABLE AND IMPORTANT PROCESS.

  2. Hi Shaun

    I know some teachers believe giving your students a survey evaluating yourself as a Teacher as "unwise". I know that some Teacher's have been scared by sites like "Rate Your Teacher" and they don't want to encourage students in this.
    However I have gained a number of insights in the past by setting up surveys on www.surveymonkey with carefully constructed questions so that students can have their say on areas that I would like feedback on. Check out my last survey here: Click Here to take survey

    I must say that I had to use my "Teacher filter" as some students are biased. But the activity was very beneficial to me and my teaching. It is good to take the time to listen to our students :+)