Sunday, 16 August 2009

Web 2.0 Teaching Tools

I believe bringing web 2.0 into the classroom and into student hands to enhance learning is an essential step to encourage 21st century learning. It is also important for teachers to use web 2.0 tool tools to teach and guide learning, we are role models in all aspects of learning.

I created this wiki page as my own shortcut to some web 2.0 teaching tools that I find useful and use regularly. I hope you find it helpful and if you know of any websites that are worth adding, please leave a comment.

Web 2.0 Teaching Tools
This is a collection of some great web 2.0 tools I have found for teaching and modeling. Although great with an interactive whiteboard for whole class, I often will just use my laptop at the conference table for small groups.

Math Tool Chest: This is a wonderful tool to help explain and teach maths. It is basically a toolbox of web materials, I find the counters and place value helpful. It is simple to use with a sound off option.

Maths Playground: A collection of math manipulatives for teaching and learning.

Virtual Dice: One, two or three virtual dice, great for math games.

Super Teacher Tools: A resource where you can generate games, set up a seating chart, create groups, and generate random names. Very easy to use especially if you set up a class list, which you only need to do once.