Friday, 30 October 2009

October SHAdowsobAHS

The 365 Photos Flickr Group is a group of everyday people (mostly educators) committing to do there best to take a photo every day of a year. We all do it for our own reasons but I believe a common interest is learning about photography through immersion. As you look for an interesting shot each day, you start to see the beauty around you as you look for a photo moment.

Every month someone in our group is tagged to come up with a theme for the month. Last month I was excited to be the one tagged. After much anxious deliberation, to do my predecessors proud, I chose "Shadows" as the October 365 Photo Theme. I remember I had chosen the theme and the 1st October arrived, except the sun hadn't. I waited hours for that brief sunny moment.
It turned out to be an exciting month, waiting to see would participate and having learning conversations along the way with other members.

I have learnt so much about photography and the importance of visual images. I regularly share my pictures with my students and hope to try a similar project with a whole class next year. There are hard times that have challenged and taught me responsibility, reliability and perseverance, skills I would love to see from my students. I also serves as a visual diary that I revisit and reflect on more often than I would a written dairy, plus it fits my 'intelligence', I can imagine how this would serve as a discussion and learning tool in the classroom.

This is a slide-share of all my 365 photos to date.