Sunday, 28 February 2010

Testing WordItOut Word Clouds

WordItOut has been doing the buzz around the twitter network today, so I thought I'd try it out. What caught my attention was that you can embed or link your word cloud to your blog. This was something that I found lacking in Wordle (Wordle site at this date was down due to trademark claims).
A Learning Odyssey - Word clouds - WordItOut

Word cloud made with WordItOut

Although WordItOut has fewer features than Wordle, it's control panel is simple. I liked that you can vary the word size by count, no variation, and randomly. It could do with a few more cloud shaping features, but produces a great effect. You do need to save with an email to store the word cloud, however no password is needed so I will use our class email.

I have blogged about other word cloud programs before such as Tagul which is a more complex word cloud site. So there you go, give it a try on your own blog or even better with your students.

If you need ideas on how to use word clouds in the classroom then you must check out Mark Warner "43 Interesting Ways to use Wordle in the classroom" below.