Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Students ICT Skills Survey

In the past this ICT survey had been been in a printed format. The ICT Skills Survey had a check list of skills expected at each Year level. I am not sure if it was ever successfully used.

Our ICT team put some work into rewording it to better suit our students. I then converted twoYear levels into my beloved Google Forms and convinced the team to assist me to create an online survey for every Year level. The aim is for each teacher to walk their students through the survey.

On the left is a snapshot of part of the survey. The questions are not perfect and I would love to see more questions about collaboration, multimodal  storytelling, maths game scores, etc. but it is a start.

My students had little difficulty and the result were worthy of reflection. Future teaching needs became clearer, although whether I can cover all gaps in two terms is another matter.

Being a visual person I love graphed information (see my students blog on class culture) and find it easier to interpret them. That is another reason I love Google Forms.

Below are the results of just my class. For me this is a valuable student self-assessment that can help inform me of my classes ICT strengths and needs. I won't interpret it for you as I think the whole idea is that visuals allow you to make your own quick evaluation. When all the classes have done this it will provide a decent set of results for reporting to the school board.

Have you done anything similar or can offer some ways I could improve this next time?