Monday, 2 August 2010

Students Podcast on Own Initiative!

On the weekend I was going through my camera looking for my 365 photos when I discovered some student video on it. This was no surprise as I give my students fairly free access to my camera. After a long week I initially felt annoyed, 'kids playing with my camera during lunch, grump, grump' then I watched their video. And my frown turned upside down!

My students had created their first podcast news and it was about our learning. As I watched with a smile on my face I realised my student were displaying 21st century skills. They had created (on their own initiative) a podcast that required a range of skills, including ICT and collaboration. I love hearing our learning shining through and their pride in both their culture and learning.

My own iMovie editing skills are still basic, so the video is a bit rough around the edges. However I have an expert student from another class who will teach me some iMovie tricks, the students teach the teacher!

I am hoping they will make this a weekly journey of their own where I can be the quiet guide on the side and see them taking their own learning to a next level. Your encouraging comments will make the difference as they need an audience, so please leave a comment on our class blog here. They and I both need advice and assurances.

Should we be broadcasting our podcast elsewhere?