Saturday, 16 October 2010

Changing Education Paradigms

I found this presentation by Sir Ken Robinson on the education system and creativity on Derek's Blog.  I had heard it before and thought it was really good, however I had never seen this animated version by the RSA. They create an animated mind map as he speaks, which created a picture of understanding in my head. I am like many of my students, a visual learner. I REALLY got all of Sir Ken Robinson's talk this time around, I could see what he meant. I agree we need a revolution in education, and I think there are already many teachers out their starting to make that shift. It starts with us asking why?

I just started teaching mind mapping to my students this week and have been amazed by their engagement and enjoyment, turning thinking and learning into mini artworks. I am using Mind Maps for Kids by Tony Buzan. I have found the simple structure, colour and images allow for creative thought and rich brainstorming.

So finding this presentation is a bonus, I can share it with my students as a model. As well as showing them real life examples of how I and other adults are really using them too. Of course as Derek mentioned it makes a great discussion piece at staff meeting.