Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Art of Collaboration

Last week our school hosted our Art Exhibition in the hall for three days with an open evening the first day. Art from all students and classes were on display, and student singers and dancers entertained the crowd. I co-ordinated a interactive and collaborative art work that was painted by over 50 different students, in fact it was started by some kindergarten children who will hopefully see it displayed proudly when they one day join to our school.

Successful collaborative projects take some planning, I had an A4 colour daft print of the big picture stuck to a nearby chair. The canvas was primed and a pencil outline of the heart added by me. I had three students working on the painting at a time, one on the inside working on the heart, with a palette of only warm colours, and the two outside students with palettes of cool colours.

As each new student left the painting grew in depth and complexity, as facilitator my role was teaching brush techniques, discussing the effects of colours and layers, and as the evening progressed many students watched first before adding their touch. It turned out to be a beautiful painting that was created and owned by the students of the school.

Collaboration can take many forms, and together we can create beautiful things.

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