Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Google Apps for Education NZ Summit

The Google Apps for Education NZ Summit was held at Albany Senior High School, a fantastic example of high school using spaces to enhance learning. I wish I had been to a high school like that. A few highlights of my day.

Meeting the Google for Education team: makes me want to become a Google Certified Teacher even more. Come to New Zealand Google Certified Teacher programme, please.

Jim showed us around Google Maps and Earth. The distance measurement is a great Maths tool and being able to embed photos and video on maps is potential storytelling.
There are so many possibilities for learning and here are a few I had:
- Draw or overlay school plans on Maps (our property still shows an empty field)
- Create virtual tour of our school.
- Map a year of our school with photos, writing, links to blogs, Docs: a multimedia yearbook. Some mapping tools are Scribble Maps and Google Mapmaker.

I have always struggled with getting workable links out of web album sites like Picasa and Flickr. How ever I learnt how to get the right photo url link for an image in both sites. Just right click on the image and Copy Image URL. Nice.

The rest of the day was interesting but had come expecting to be challenged yet found a lot of the presentations was stuff I knew. I ducked into one informal chat session to ask for help to solve a Site issue that's been bugging me for ages. That header in Sites, I hated not been able to control it. So while waiting I started digging away in the settings and see a shiny new Edit site layout label.

Which gives you the website minus the header and logo. You can also adjust the footer and navigation bars as well. I like it because it give me more room for creativity. 

So a day of learning, great company and as always; I love Google for Education!