Thursday, 1 August 2013

Animated Characters for E-learning

My new favourite iPhone/ iPod / iPad app is Tellagami.  It's free, score one.  Tellagami allows you to create a range of animated characters with different clothes, skin colours, facial expressions and head size; don't let that get to your head!  You can also record speech or type in text and choose a voice type.

The backgrounds are simple, but what makes it effective is you can use the free vector images provided or use your own photos.  Below I have used a photo from a text as a background in a mini literacy.  Then I embedded it into my blog, which is only one of the ways you can share your creations.

I can see students using this for reports, responding to literacy; teachers using it as a hook for inquiry or a guide for a student activity on their website.  I can e-learners using it to introduce a course or make a point. 

What e-learning possibilities can you imagine using Tellagami?