Thursday, 2 October 2014

Modern Learning Practices in a Connected World #cenz14

Modern learning practices are not necessarily the learning practices we see in schools today. I believe this is due to lack of teacher self-development but also because school systems via school leaders, via Ministry of Education dictate teachers daily lives. What we should teach, how we should teach it, how long we should teach it for, then they measure and assess the teachers and students contsantly, not giving the trust and freedom to allow teachers and students to disrupt old learning practices.

However I hope things are changing; today I took part in a webinar which is part of the Connected Educator Month. It featured some well known guest speakers like Stephen Heppell, Derek Wenmoth, and Janelle Riki who discussed modern learning practices in education, and what they might look like for future-focused organisations.

Modern learning practices are about students 
leading their own learning, creating their own PLN's, creating their own communities, connecting with their own mentors, and making real differences in their own worlds. It is about self-determined learning, reciprocal learning, collaborative learning, and cultural learning. Modern learning practices should be disrupting traditional learning practices.

This webinar certainly has planted a seed, a challenge; how can we change the mind set of students, teachers, leaders, and community?

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