Friday, 3 June 2016

Using Minecraft to Develop Writing

​ This term I was asked by the Waiariki Literacy Association to present a workshop on using ICT to enhance literacy (see the flyer below).
Waiariki Literacy Association presents “Using ICT to Enhance Literacy Learning”.

I decided to share a small part of one of my units on using Minecraft to engage students in reading and writing using Minecraft. You can see my presentation below. I have removed the free lesson plan, but you can buy it on TeachersPayTeachers. I always reassure teachers that they do not need to know the game to get quality learning from it; use your students enthusiasm and knowledge, but challenge what they tell you.

We explored how to use one small part of Minecraft (animals) for reading and writing. We used our note taking and key ideas to create trading cards, with the intention of moving towards report writing. It was only a short workshop so I was just able to give the teachers attending a few ideas to get started, plus resources to scaffold the learning and at least give it a go on their own.