Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Publish to any of your Blogger blogs from iGoogle

I love gadgets, there I said it!
But amongst the poor pickings one rarely finds a really useful gadget. This gadget publishes to your Blogger blog from your iGoogle home page. It is a simple gadget (I believe: KISS) but allows you to type plain text (with Spellcheck) directly to any one of your blogs.
Cons: No HTML editor, but allows html tags. Therefore I need to go search my html skills in order to link to the blog I read by Blogger Buzz...done that took me 3 minutes (knowledge in a flat box!)

How can I apply this to my class?
I plan to have blogs from each student under the one Blogger account (come on Blogger team, how about some educational functions!). Our class computer home page will be an iGoogle page where students can simply enter a quick entry with out changing pages. I am using it now and it should appear in the class blog reader on the same page! Wow, what do you think?