Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Wordle Meme

I was reminded by Blogger in Middle-earth about doing regular Wordle reflections on my blog. Looking back at my last Wordle done in October shows how my topic emphasis has changed. I have had a high environmental interest in my blogs but with a strong foundation of education and technology.

Some words I see but would like to be more prominent in my learning:
analysis, decided, expressing, influence, contribute, creating, mentors, helped, experimenting...

I do not understand the reason for tagging, but for now I will assume it's about spreading the meme. Wikipedia says memes self-replicate and are subject to selective pressures. Is then the meme one of reflection or of shared development? Also, how do you feel about being tagged? I hate chain email and it stikes a similar cord, will I have 7 years bad luck if I don't tag?