Friday, 6 February 2009

Picasso in me

The day before school started the staff at my school did a PD course called Picasso where we were taught (a revisit and refresher for me) a variety of painting techniques in one abstract painting, and with considerable success as well. Being a art fan I thought I wouldn't be learning anything new, was I wrong. The best thing I learnt was that for the most impressive displays, use black paper. Colours are more vivid and errors or smudges are easily erased by rubbing some black acrylic over with your finger, it really it forgiving. I have already used this advice for our class treaty which looks amazing. We never used water except for the splatter effect which I could be a bad one to teach to 9 year olds :-)

The final product is a fantastic model to teach from and my class loved mine (that's why I love being a teacher). It also is a great way to inspire them. I will be using my painting to teach my class this term.

I also learnt how talented my colleagues are, and I found the process of painting alongside them a very bonding experience.

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