Saturday, 2 May 2009

Graphs and charts made easy

A big thanks to Kevin Jarret I discovered a flash based site for creating graphs and charts.

You can create pie, bar, line and a few other fun charts with just a few clicks. It is easier than using Excel or other spreadsheet programmes.

I especially like that no sign in is required which means it is easy for K12 students to get in and create awesome graphs.

Another great feature is it alows you to create further graphs based on one already created. For example I created this temperature graph sample for my class as they are tracking and graphing temperature. They will be able to use this model as the basis for creating their own graphs, thus scaffolding them in their introduction to

The only issues I found was using the embedding code. You need to be able to embed it in both the HEAD and BODY html which is not always an option when you are working with blogs and wikis. I found the easiest method was to create a screen capture on the chart and insert it as a picture.