Sunday, 7 November 2010

Day in a Sentence

Thank you all for participating in Day in a Sentence, I even got my principal to join us this week! I also discovered that DIAS is not only a great reflective tool but a fun literacy activity for your students too.
Day in a sentence
Three of my students are finalists in the TVNZ6 NetGuide Multimedia Challenge, and I am a proud teacher! - Shaun Wood

As I revamp some of my curriculum to focus more on literature and reading skills, I feel like some of my more interesting writing projects and activities may be slipping away from me; I need more balance. --Kevin

I'm excited on my 4th day of National Novel Writing Month and I just finished a digital piece that I'm feeling good about: - Bonnie

After much indecision I have decided to do a PhD, it will be a good 3 or 4 years study but at the end I will become a Doctor :) - Jared

I was surprised to hear a chorus or requests when I reflected, "I wish we could write all day."- Eric

This last month of spring started well for me; its blue skies, days of sunshine and lengthening warm evenings are this year's promise of a wonderful summer.  - Blogger in Middle-earth

School has been hard, but the days are beginning and ending with spectacular sun performances, so I believe it'll all be okay. - Lynn Jacobs

More than half of what it takes to be an effective teacher is simply showing up everyday.  - Ben@TIC

This week was wonderfully successful, as our school partnered with the University of Ballarat and Country Education Project, to trial virtual teaching rounds with three student teachers - amazingly successful from all points of view with great teamship, student engagement, technology use,virtual classrooms - a glimpse into the classroom of the future. - Murcha

I was away from my class for 4 days this week and they kept blogging without me... very proud! - Ms B

Being apart of my students lives makes my heart sing, I love being a teacher. - @melaniem8

Over the past several weeks Bailey Road School has been recognised in the press for several outstanding achievements, I am proud to be leading such a hardworking and innovative staff. - Derek Linington

Our science topic in class inspired me to plant my own garden and what a buzz I get from it.  - MrsTorrey