Monday, 15 August 2011

Literacy and Maths through Music

Although I may look like a rock star ripping through the chords, I am neither and unfortunately don't have a musical bone in my body. However if you were standing next to me you would hear me counting out beats 8xE, 8xG, then the chorus 2xD, 2xG etc. that I was reading from the whiteboard. I really wanted to read the lyrics and sing along too but could not focus on both. My point being that even as a adult I was using maths and literacy skills while having lots of fun.

We were lucky enough to have the "Rock Van" at our school for a week. This group of musicians taught the students instruments and the whole class become a rock band after short daily practice. Aside from whole class participation and engagement, I noticed plenty of counting and discussions about the number of beats and students talking about 'reading' the music.

This experience has certainly opened my eyes to how subjects like music can be used to teach literacy and numeracy, however to make that really effective teachers need to be doing more collaborative planning and integrated teaching.

What experiences have you had with music adding to learning?