Saturday, 6 August 2011

Take responsibility for your own learning

EduCampAKL 2011
Today I attended the EduCampAKL 2011, a user-generated unconference. The focus was on sharing e-learning and education ideas and knowledge. It was also a great opportunity to catch up with my online PLN, some of whom I had not met face-to-face before.

I think the slogan really captures the spirit of the event "go with the flow ~ follow your passion ~ take responsibility for your own learning." We are all self directed learners taking our own weekend to develop ourselves professionally and share our learning. Most importantly we are taking responsibility for our own learning, not waiting for school mass PD to choose our learning journey. 

Claire Amos began the unconference talking about how Epson Girls (our host) use ICT for teaching and learning. We then had "Smackdown" where each speaker had 2 minutes to share tools and ideas with the group. We used a shared Google Doc to recorded everything and it will be a resource I will be revisiting many times this year. There was so many exciting ideas and information that it is hard to absorb it all in one go. You can view the document at 

I participated in the following workshops / discussions / sharing:
iPad Ideas, lead by Stuart Hale
- use QR code with built in ipad camera
- Redlazer for scanning QR codes as well as other bar code types that are not generally readable by the standard code readers.
- use QR codes on library book spines that link to student book reviews (video) on a school website.
- Augmented Reality using AcrossAir to view panorama’s.
- Anywhere links an image (instead of a QR code) to web site.

Teacher Dashboard, lead by Dorothy Burt
- If you use Google Apps for your students then this is a must have software which allows the teacher to manage and view all student Docs, Blogs and even Picasa.
- Links to and shows Blogger plus comments.
- Point England School are paper free and do not allow printing, kids take screenshots, saved in Picassa.
- Also shows student Gmail (inbox – sent – trash – sharing) *security
- Automatic computer generated student emails, simple password reset.
- Work within G Apps can be transferred to other cluster schools.
- $4 student per year.
- Can set up templates for Shared Folders and Blogger for all students – set up widgets / looks /links etc. – in Edit HTML, download XML and make as a template.
- the same idea can be used for e-portfolio’s using Sites.

NIE – Newspapers in Education, lead by Becky Hare
- A fantastic online newspaper with a daily dairy (Nikki Newsgirl)
- e-links to topic – questions and students can submit their writing (3 published weekly)

Digital Storytelling, lead by @HeyMilly
- Five Photo Storytelling with a focus on photography (visual language)
A wonderful day of learning, sharing, and connecting with my New Zealand PLN>