Saturday, 18 August 2012

A Week of iPads

Learning to share and use a small pod of iPads has been a slow journey, however now that my cooperative teachers and I have allocated device time, we have been able to plan to use them more effectively for learning. We struggle with the balance of having laptops free so students can access them anytime, with using them effectively through planning.

During Maths on the iPads this week I used EduCreations a screen recording whiteboard that allows students to record audio, write freehand and type. It has multiple pages and if all the iPads are signed up to one class account then the students work can be saved directly to the website where we can grab links and embedding codes.

During group guided teaching we used it as a mini whiteboard while
practicing the strategies. The students went off after and recorded themselves
working out problems which will make great evidence and portfolio samples.

In Guided Reading my students and I used
Tools4Students graphic organiser iPad app to sequence the main events of the text we were reading. The US$0.99 app has a good range of graphic organiser templates which are easy to email when completed but can't be saved.

I didn't  use the iPads as much in Writing as I could have. We used Inspiration to do some writing brainstorming and used a Notepad to type up the students writing and add a drawing.

The more ways you use iPads for teaching and learning the more ideas you get, the more possibilities show themselves. As I share this pod of 5 iPads I enjoy the challenge of using them in new ways when I get some dedicated time with them.

This week my focus was using them within guided teaching. Next time I'll focus on using them  for evidence based follow up activities.

What good ways of using iPads in learning have you used recently?