Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Sharing Student Audio

Audio tools have become more common in mobile phones, ipods and ipads. I find it a helpful tool for assessment and capturing the voice of my students. With these devices it is easy to capture the students voice and share then it by email or embed code. However it is not always easy to share these sound files on blogs and websites. These are some of the tools I have tried and my thoughts on them.

 I used SoundCloud for a while and liked that I could group a whole lot of audio files in one widget. I disliked that the free version only allowed three free file sets. So I moved on. 
Podomatic is another similar service, I tried it a few years back and found painful to use, although many teachers recommend it.

online recorder has been one of my favourite over the years, it is easy to use, link to and embed into other websites. The down side is that it doesn't show on ipad, that's Flash! However you can now upload other types of files including mp4's like those from our iPods. My students sent this recording to me by email, see the example embedded into Blogger using the HTML tab.

Audiopal is another similar service.

I use Google Sites for all our websites, yes it's harder than wiki's but I want to learn to get the best out of it, so the best way is to use it. After a chat about this problem with @sharpjacqui she showed me her very useful site GoogleDocsClassroom which answers all those "how to" questions.

The best way to store and play audio files is using the website itself. Upload the sound file to your Site or Wiki, then embed a widget audio player. Then you control the original file and it plays on an iPad! 

- To see how to do this in Sites go to GoogleDocsClassroom and scroll down to "Embed mp3 files on a Google Sites" (it works for mp4 too). 
- To see how to do this in a Wiki go to WheretostartwithWikisandBlogs.

What success and challenges have you had sharing audio files?