Monday, 18 November 2013

TeachMeetNZ - Minecraft as a Teaching and Learning Tool

On Saturday I was honoured to present at the fourth virtual TeachMeetNZ.  TeachMeetNZ is run by Sonya @vanschaijik live on Google+ and is way for New Zealand educators to get together and share their learning.  TeachMeetNZ presentations are based on Pecha Kucha style of limited and timed slides.  I found it to be a great reflective experience having to sum up ones thoughts and still deliver an interesting message.  I started pondering the critical thinking skills involved and realised it would be amazing for my students too. 

I shared my experiences using Minecraft as a tool for teaching and learning, and have included the resource links below for easier access.  

Thanks to the Parkvale School Minecraft Club and their awesome teacher @moriarty_ok
Room 5 at Melville Intermediate 
8C Happenings - Girls playing Minecraft
MInecraft Wiki is the bible of MInecraft
Primary Minecraft for Minecraft Ideas
CORE Ten Trends 2013 - 6. Thinking 3DMinecraftEdu - the education version that runs on your school server