Saturday, 9 November 2013

Twitter Follower Limit

I had just read a great blog post and decided I must follow the author, so I clicked on their Twitter follow button with confidence.  Only to be told I may not follow any more people; I had reached my limit! 

Why can't I Follow people?
Apparently Twitter imposes following limits on all accounts for your own protection of course.  Each Twitter account can have up to 2000 followers.  At this point it will only go up depending on your ratio of followers to following, and that ratio is not published.  My ratio at the time of limitation was 2000 Following :  1709 Followers.  Now that is obviously not a high enough ratio.  I wonder if their ratio is 1:1?

Twitter reasons are the limits improve site performance and your behaviour.

How to around the limit and should you?
Aside from un-following someone you can simply use a third party app like TweetDeck to follow someone; it will work.  However Twitter rules on their "Following rules and best practices" says this is against their rules.  So to all my wonderful Twitter PLN, someone has to go! 

So where to now for my Twitter PLN, have I reached the limits of it's usefulness?  Do I stop growing my own PLN?  What will you do?

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