Thursday, 21 August 2014

Reviving My Logo

I was still fresh into teaching, actually still doing my degree in October 2008 when I first designed my personal and now professional logo, check out my post about it here. Wow, time sure has past fast and when I look back on all my blog posts I'm a bit embarrassed by some of my past thinking, and proud at the same time seeing my growth.  

But back to my logo.  Having recent started focusing on developing educational resources to help serve teachers and make their teaching easier and more effective, I rediscovered my old logo when trying to decide on a new business logo. The funny thing is that it still resonates in my soul, it's still relevant, and I still love it. The original design was based on the Maori poutama pattern which represents the steps and scaffolding that guides learning. I then created Tetris blocks to represent the many different personalities and communities that come together and collaboratively construct knowledge, forming a strong foundation for learning. What makes it a strong structure is that it depends on each piece being different. The bright Tetris blocks were also originally designed to represent the digital age, integrating ICT and 21st century learning, and now years later as an expert in e-learning and game based learning I can only smile at how it still reflects my passions and education beliefs after all these years.

Now with the start of my business and new FaceBook page, which is creating educational resources to support teachers, I feel it still belongs and is part of my identity. So welcome back my old Tetris Logo.  Check it out on my blog and FaceBook page, and let me know what you think of it.