Wednesday, 27 August 2014

This Young Poet Will Touch Your Heart

After my last blog post "Poems in the Waiting Room" I have had some wonderful conversations with poet Judy Billcliff about how poetry can reach the toughest and most hurt kids. 

She was kind enough to share this poem written by a boy dealing with the death of his father; it touched my heart. This really shows the power of poetry and how it can help heal the hearts of our children. So if you aren't exploring poetry every week in your classroom, I urge you to do so. If you need advice I know Judy can guide you.

Judy Billcliff (@judirainbow) writes poetry for kids and offers workshops too. She was the 2013 runner up in the National children's poetry competition, and the 2014 Duffy Books In Homes Role Model. Please visit her website and be to Like her FaceBook page Rainbow Poetry and Words for You  & Snail Mail Day 13th June and I'd love you to Like my Mindcraft Learning FaceBook page too.

How often do your kids write poetry?