Monday, 1 September 2014

My Benediction to Spring

As a teacher I am always trying to inspire and incite students to write regularly and express themselves. Yet looking back I have done little myself, aside from blog posts. My goal is to write more creative and spontaneously, to explore my own inner poet unashamedly. So I write at least one poem a week, I try capture those moments when I feel emotions tug my insides and I keep most of them as my private collections. However it has made me more creative and I am really enjoying writing more just for the pleasure if it. My lesson has been; practice what you preach; not everything needs to be shared; don't be afraid to share; and poetry is good for the soul. 

So here is my Spring poem, and I thank @kimyeo for the inspiration after a conversation on Twitter about the weather. I pray I inspire you to write a Sping poem too.

Hidden in darkness
light and life
you are always within us
ready to sing

I open my eyes
I open my heart
you were always with me
welcome home Spring.