Friday, 27 January 2012

365 iPad

In 2009 I discovered the 365 Photo Challenge, which was run by a group of educators who aimed to take a photo every day of the year. A a visual person I found it an excellent alternative to a daily dairy, a way to capture a moment of my day, express a moment of my day. Looking back I can recall the day of almost photo, the people and the events. My photography skills grew and I began to see the perfect shot in every day life. In 2011 I took a break from the 365 challenge and at the end of last year I got an iPad and decided to take up the challenge again using only my iPad camera. The quality is not quite as good as my digital camera and the iPad shape add to the challenge, but the idea of capturing memories and moments in time has not changed, and the excitement of the perfect photo still remains.

If you have never given the 365 challenge a go, I challenge you to try it out, see how you grow in the process. You can just create your own collection using an online photo album like Picasa or Flickr, or join a 365 group to share photos and comments on sites like Flickr or Tumblr. Happy photography.

2012 - 365 iPad Photo Challenge

I took a break from the challenge.

2010 - 365 Photo Challenge

2009 - 365 Photo Challenge