Sunday, 29 January 2012

5 Things I Want My Teacher to Know About Me

If I was a student... Claire has passed on Allanah's challenge to reflect on five things I would want my teacher should know about me.

Just this week I was planning activities for my students to get to know each other and me. My co-teachers and I were planning something along the lines of a personal mihi as a starting point. However in taking part in this meme it seems the way I learn is just as important to me and is a question I obviously need to ask my students as well.

5 Things I want my teacher to know about me:
1. To know to real me, not just the mask I show the world but the emotional me below the surface.
2. To know about the things that I care about and show they they care too.
3. To understand my learning styles and provide opportunities to engage me.
4. To know my passions and help me explore them.
5. To challenge my thinking but give me the space and freedom to discover my own answers.

In keeping with the meme I invite: @sharpjacqui, @Moodlegirl, @Komos72, @siavogel, @judykmck
to join the meme and reflect on your five things. (Please link back to Allanah's blog)