Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Email for Kids!

I have often felt some frustration that there seem to be no email services for kids under 13, or even other social sites for them, considering we are trying to move their education into the 21st century along with the rest of the world. Children want to be involved with web technology, it's highly engaging but because of our fear of predators and bullying they are not 'officially' allowed any access. I say 'officially' because sites like Bebo only 'allow' users of 13 years old and above, yet I know many of my class and others at my school who are 9 years old have Bebo profiles! So just having these so called rules is obviously a farse.

I don't believe there is a solution to the social networking for under 13's, although I believe there should be, but now there is an email solution that allows full parent management and control. I offer a HUGE congratulations to Zilladog, whom I found through one of my favorite blogs Free Technology for Teachers. Zilladog is a free email service where kids can only recieve emails from parent approved buddy list and parents can get a blind carbon copy of any emails sent if they wish. It is a simple and safe system that also has a profantity and personal information filter. If all this is not enought, it also has free games, appropriate web links, movies and music.

I'd love to see this site take off and be a huge success, they certainly deserve it.


  1. I think thisn is really awesome so cool


  2. okay but only one month is free how about a hotmail or yahoo or gmail forever for free