Saturday, 21 March 2009

I Hate Homework but . . .

I just read a blog about homework "Homework. Should it Stay or Should it Go" which is a continuously debated issue in any school and home. As it is my first year handing out and having to mark this homework it made me stop and reflect about what I had learnt so far. Here was my comment on that blog.

What an issue, I agree some kids love it and want more (especially parents) while others want less. I have found in my first year of teaching that giving homework every week is another load of work and time for me too, yet I have started to see benefits as a teacher. Until now I have been giving a random mixture of different spelling, reading, grammar and maths homework while trying to link it to the weeks learning. What I noticed were some large gaps in my students knowledge, things that I had assumed they knew. I am now using homework to develop these areas and do my own informal diagnostic assessments to look for these needed teaching points.

So my final word is that it should stay, but keep it short, sweet and purposeful.
Is the homework you give purposeful?

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