Tuesday, 18 November 2008

$250,000 sculpture replaces childrens art in Stewart Plaza Christchurch

Flour Power commissioned by the Christchurch City Council, is the new $250,000 sculpture that replaces the beautiful children's art in Stewart Plaza, Christchurch. The glaring bright sculpture is certainly interesting but definitely not eco friendly in any way, although is supposed to reflect loss of, or replacement of rural life with urban life. It is made of new steel road lights strapped with a tyre. I wonder if they at least recycled one of the tyres found dumped in the Heathcote River!  

OK, so I don't like it, maybe it will grow on me. Perhaps I'll be hypnotised when all those lights (about 30 I think) entrap me in their dazzle when they turn on at night. Still I liked the children's art and would have liked to see it reincorporated into the new plaza designs. What happened to the children's art work? Anyone? Stewart Fountain Plaza was a place of warm bright colours, it seemed a bit colder in the hot summer sun.