Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Reflection of an online interview

Yesterday I had an online interview with a prospective school. I was excited and nervous as we were going to attempt using an online conference site Dimdim. I thought it would be a good opportunity to show my ICT skills. Before the interview, their ICT teacher spent ages on the phone with me testing out the conference site. It was not going well, I had failed to consider that they had Apple Macs and my browser kept shutting down! I was already impressed with this teacher who went to so much trouble, who was so patient and understood the ICT discourse.

In the end the they could see and hear me on video. I could not see or hear them, so was on my mobile on the webcam. It was not what I had invisioned but we ended up using ICT in a variety of ways to overcome barriers and have a wonderful interview.

Things I would do next time:
  • Use a simpler web conferencing system like AIM or MSN. (KISS)
  • Test, test and test with time to spare.
  • Mention a strength of mine is flexibility when ICT tools crash :-)

Food for thought:
One aspect of online communication even when using video is that it is difficult to tell when someone has finished speaking and is ready for the next person. I think it is a point in case about how much we 'read' from body language. Do we need conventions for passing the speaking ball online, are there already?