Thursday, 13 November 2008

Using Google Docs to present online

Today I presented my final investigation for my university Environmental Education course. As it is a correspondence run paper and with a focus on inquiry processes and online learning, I decided to create my presentation in Google Docs. It was easy to share and quite interactive, I even got an assessment opportunity by including a survey. A case in point was that another student who had done a PowerPoint presentation was still struggling to upload hers when I had was done presenting!

Without my audio conference commentary it does not make much sense, (reflection: record audio-conference and tag on next time) but I will give you the outline. I investigated rubbish being dumped in the Heathcote River, my analysis showed that 80% of this rubbish could not be dumped for free. I also plotted schools according to deciles along the river and compared the state of the river in each area. I concluded by considering that the regional council is creating economic barriers that contribute to river pollution.