Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Assessment in the Digital Age

I have been very interested in learning environment assessment possibilities since I created my first WebQuest. I felt the rubric was limited and not utilising the web 2 abilities. My attempt to address this was to include a self-assessment poll that also allowed them to see a graph of the results. I continue my search, and I have two educators to recommend that have taught me some amazing strategies to apply formative assessment that both scaffolds and engages the students.

Konrad Glogowski
is a presenter at the K12 Online Conference, in
Initiating and Sustaining Conversations: Assessment and Evaluation in the Age of Networked Learning” he aims to address some of the challenges associated with assessment and evaluation in Web 2.0 classrooms. His message that grades stop learning, is very powerful and something I have experienced myself at university. His presentation is a must if you plan to blog with your class, you will find he teaches and practices scaffolding.

My second recommendation is blog ICT in my Classroom, Tom shows how he uses Google Documents for formative assessment in writing. The fantastic part is it can be done while they are working on their document. I was first introduced to Google Documents by a university colleague. He suggested we do our joint project online using Google Docs, we were able to work collaboratively on the same document. It open my eyes to the possibilities of collaboration and communication in an ICT classroom.