Saturday, 11 October 2008

Search Cube a visual search engine

I read about a visual search engine 'Search Cube' in the blog HeyJude. I have been exploring some as well but this is one of the better I have seen. It is visual interesting and quick loading, although as Judy mentioned, it could provide more site information to facilitate choices. I did find a similar visual search engine 'KartOO' which offers fewer choices but they are linked like a mind map and offers more detailed site information.

Judy asks how could this be used as a teaching tool. I believe students need to value different strategies of searching beyond 'traditional' web methods. I would probably use if for exploring visual language and symbolism which is so important in our digital world. Have a look at 'TenbyTen' which gives 100 thumbnail images that 'define the time'.

What about for an art class introduction? Type in 'Picasso' and see the result. It could be a great way to engage a topic, and it could provoke amazing oral discussion around an idea or concept.
Given its shape and rotational ability it would also be great as a maths learning object.

It is tools like these that make ICT learning so interesting, but a tool is tool, how we use it for teaching and learning is what counts.