Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Millions mark UN hand-washing day

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Millions mark UN hand-washing day
I wonder how many New Zealand schools took part in this event? I have noticed that hand washing is part of daily routine in junior classes, but seems to be lost in many middle and senior primary classes. Are we presuming that now that they have been taught this, that is really happening? It is such a small but important health routine that needs reinforcing within routines. This is an impression from limited experience, I'd love to hear what is happening in classes out there.

Remember the Bird Flu panic? It is not an impossible concept and consider where a pandemic would run wild first; in schools. The Ministry of Education says that all early childhood education services, schools and tertiary organisations are expected to develop their own pandemic plans to protect students and staff.

Does your school have a Pandemic Plan and do you know what it is?

My aside is that I like to know that the things my students and I are touching and sharing, are kept clean and safe through the simple ritual of hand washing.