Friday, 31 October 2008

Barrier Game Stand

With all my final assignments due in the next few weeks I have not blogged in a few days. WOW, really I mean WOW! A year ago you could not have gotten me to write anything that did not require grading. Engagement and ICT are effective for any age learner.

My EAL Learners course require teaching students at a local school. I needed a barrier game stand the night before! I was inspired and would like to share my new invention with all the educators out there, the easy and cheap barrier game stand.

You just cut slits in the cones of an egg carton and slip your card in. They stack easily and you can afford to have 30 sets ready at any time.

I will revisit this in time and look at some effective barrier games.

Do you have any interesting barrier games ideas or successes to share?
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  1. Teachers do wonderful things with very little on a daily basis.

    Great idea