Saturday, 18 October 2008

Logo: a visual communication

Almost every business has a logo which is a visual brand that represents the ideas, values and identity of the company. Many individuals may have their own logo in the form of a family crest. Maori culture have tattoo's called Moko, which serve as a visual identity showing their rank, nature and ancestry. A very personal logo.

As I am in the process of sending out my CV, I realised I needed a logo for myself, something that personifies my philosophy of teaching and learning.

My logo was originally based on the Maori poutama pattern which represents the steps and scaffolding that guides learning. I then created Tetris blocks to represent the many different personalities and communities that come together and collaboratively construct knowledge, forming a strong foundation for learning. What makes it a strong structure is that it depends on each piece being different. The bright Tetris blocks also represent the digital age, integrating ICT and considering new ways of learning for the 21st century.
In itself it is a form of multi-literacy, it tells a visual story that required an inquiry process, deep reflection and critical questioning. It has the structure of a story and has inspired further writing in the form of this blog post. I will now go on to incorporating it into a variety of media.