Tuesday, 6 January 2009

2009/365 photos

I am a very visual person and have recently rediscovered the joy of digital photography. I decided to build an online album to hold all my photos and to share them as creative commons. After a wonderful holiday I was catching up on blog reading and found the ideal way to develop my own photography skills and understanding of visual imagery. Dean from Ideas and Thoughts introduced me to the 2009/365 photos group on Flickr. This started in 2008 with educational bloggers attempting to take a photo a day for the whole year in an attempt to learn and collaborate. My own 2009/365 photo set is well on it's way and so far (6 days!) I haven't missed. I will put a Flickr slide show of my photos in the sidebar.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my photos and growth as a photographer and image maker. I plan to use this project and knowledge in my class to engage and model for my students.

This is going to be a wonderful journey and a challenge, why don't you join me.