Friday, 30 January 2009

First Aid changing with the times

Part of our teacher PD yesterday was updating our first aid certificates. Some things I learnt that have changed since I last did a first aid course(about 5 years for me): A portable defibrillator that talks to you, you no longer look for a pulse because there are other more important things to be doing as a first aider (sometimes even doctors can't find a pulse when it is there), 30/2 not matter who (30 chest presses to 2 breaths) it is the same for babies to adults with the difference mainly in the pressure applied, and lastly how to use an Epipen. There are many other important aspects but these stood out for me.

As teachers (especially primary schools) we need are faced with all sorts of first aid situations. Some can be healed with just a colourful plaster and a cuddle but in an emergency I believe I could now make a difference in those vital first few minutes.