Monday, 26 January 2009

WordPress for class?

I have been following a New Zealand teacher's blog, Education Investigation on eportfolio's as he researches a solution for his school. As I am determined to start my teaching career using eportfolios, I have been paying close attention to his findings.

In this article he introduced me to Nick Rate’s research report “Eportfolios and Assessment For Learning.” It is a must read, if only for the perspectives on formative assessment and reflection,

ePortfolios and Assessment for Learning

but I was was interested to see that when it came to eportfolios Wordpress MU (allows management of multiple blogs and more) over a came out on top. At this point I was a bit suprised, I thought WordPress was just a blog site! This got me to thinking that I had never tried any other blogger than, it was time to branch out. So this is my first blog written on WordPress (and copied to Blogger, until I figure out the move), I haven't viewed any tutorials yet but feel in control so far.

So far I admit I like it. The home page shows your blog plus links to various pages you create. It can serve as a private, school managed blog host and eportfolio tool. It has so many features I never knew I was missing, even the insert link offers a variety of new options for me as a blogger, including opening it in the same or new window, impressive (also, word count, trackbacks... wow wow wow).

I feel this has the best features for both eportfolio and blogging I have seen so far, it seem to have an easy to use interface for users and managing large numbers of bloggers.

Have you ever used WordPress in a school environment? What do you use for portfolios?