Sunday, 18 January 2009

A Sharing Attitude

I recently wrote a comment to my Flickr rat photo group saying that I was disappointed by how many people are not willing to share the use of their photos with the world. This as you know is a real pain for teachers and students trying to do the right thing. I would feel proud if someone choose to use my photo in their blog (with attribution of course). Too me it says they thought my photo was a great image, worthy of spreading a message. Plus it will attract a greater audience to my photo album.

Come on we are all exhibitionists here, we like our photos being appreciated. I believe the main problem is that most people aren't aware that when they upload photos the automatic
copyright settings for their photos is All Rights Reserved , meaning no one can use it, create with it and spread the joy!

In Flickr go to Your Account -then click the Privacy & Permissions tab - look for "What license will your content have". You can change your settings to a variety of different Creative Commons copyrights that protect your ownership but give sharing rights according to your need.

So as a teacher and amateur photographer I ask you to consider using Creative Commons copyrights on your photo's and share a part of your world with the rest of the world. Imagine if that was an attitude everyone had?

Just after writing this blog I found this brilliant video on copyright law, using Disney characters, thanks to The Clever Sheep blog.

Image found with Creative Commons Search from Flickr, kindly shared by