Tuesday, 13 January 2009

And we all fall down

My week started with a total computer crash (can't wait for my Mac laptop), I lost all my software but none of my personal files. I was annoyed at the inconvenience of not having my computer for three days while it was repaired, but I was never stressed about what I might lose in the crash. The reason for that is that many moons back when a similar crisis occurred, I made the choice to move to cloud computing. I started with Gmail and my files in Google Docs, then my images in Picasa (Flickr is for showing off) and I only occasionally used online software. For now I have decided to forgo loading Microsoft Office for Google Docs, and Photoshop for Picnik (Flickr's editing program).

I have my computer again, it is a bit scary how much I miss it.

Image by Josh Bozarth