Saturday, 17 January 2009

Stand By Me

Playing For Change: Song Around the World. Stand By Me" is a rendition of Ben King’s , Stand By Me. Clips of musicians from around the globe have been stitched together into one awesome music video. It is from the documentary, "Playing For Change: Peace Through Music" which I found through Open Culture, a blog that offers a rich dose of culture that I reminds me how wonderfully creative people can be.

Applying to learning:
I thought this could be a great piece of music to share with my students. It is about knowing that there are people (teachers / peers) around them who are there to support them and who care about them. This could lead to discussions on strategies to use when lost / unsure /confused.
I think most people who sing along to this song, feel that tug on the emotional strings, sung as a class I think it would also help develop a team bond. It is easy to sing along and can be repeated with different variations over a week.
The resulting song could be recorded and blogged for discussion.

What would you do with this video in your classroom?